Texas Hemp Realities

We firmly believe that any farmer interested in growing hemp in 2020, should fully understand the market, legal and regulatory frameworks and the agronomic requirements to be successful. We would also expect that many who grow hemp in 2020 will not be profitable.  2019 saw a dramatic increase in hemp acreage and a flood of […]

Committed to Texas Hemp Industry

Texas farmers have a tremendous opportunity to impact the growing of hemp for generations to come, through:       Lawmaking –  As federal, state, and local governments, along with the USDA and TDA, write and revise laws and regulations, THGA wants to ensure that the interests of farmers are advanced.        Education […]

Hemp at Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show

We are pleased to provide educational videos recorded at the 2019 Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show. Dr. Calvin Trostle, Wright-Oakes Farms, LLC, and Corbett Hefner of Formation Ag gave valuable information for Texas farmers. We followed up our meeting with a roundtable discussion that included our speakers along with an Oklahoma farmer, Aaron Collins, and […]

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